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Filming The Stella Maru

Filming The Stella Maru

One of the most striking wrecks ive been on is that of the Stella Maru, at Trou aux Biches on the North West coast of Mauritius nesteled in the temperate Indian ocean. Resting at a depth of around 28m, the Stella Maru is an old Japanese trawler sent to a watery grave in 1987. Although sunk on her side, her huge bulk now sits upright on the ocean floor after a massive cyclone in 2002. Relatively intact, the Stella Maru is an imposing sight, made all the more dramatic by the vibrant surrounding coral and hordes of exotic tropical fish darting by. Huge Moray eels have also made their home in its bulkhead & wheelhouse.

There is something terribly exciting about losing yourself in the crumbling carcass of a shipwreck. Each wreck is tale of storms and scuttled hulls. The treasure found in these skeletons are not gems and gold, but equally special with colourful coral, nudibranchs and vibrant marine life. I’ve adventured along Africa’s coastline and into the Indian ocean to find the most beautiful & most interesting of shipwrecks.

The Stella Maru wreck lies upright on a sand bottom, next to a rocky reef at an average depth of 23 metres. Unlike many other wrecks, the ship lies virtually intact on the ocean floor, offering divers a remarkable, unrivalled sight as they descend toward it.

This is a tricky dive, but worth the challenge
by Alex Barratt

Down at 25m, the wreck is home to throngs of lion and devil fire fish, arrow crabs and a dazzling honeycomb moray, hiding on the starboard side. It is a colourful, vibrant dive, as the coral growth on the wreck, which sank in 2002, provides a home to a plethora of species and an exceptional diving event.

I now use my blog as a platform to promote oceanic enviromental issues that are important to me and hopefully to inspire new photographers & divers (who I might someday get to film!), while underwater video gives me constant inspiration and new material to write about. Both careers allow me flexibility and time to travel, take me to exotic locations, and feed my creativity.

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on January 23,2017, at 06:27

Wow, amazing pictures. We are not scuba certified but love snorkeling 😀. Think there is much to see if you are only snorkeling? Just curious. Either way it looks amazing. Will have to remember this place and this post. Thanks for sharing..

Shara Evlin
on January 25,2017, at 16:42

Great article! I have never tried scuba diving, but it looks amazing!

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