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Lush Creative | Redesigned & Relaunched

Lush Creative | Redesigned & Relaunched

After over two years with the same design, I’ve relaunched the Lush Creative site over at www.lush-creative.com. As many Designers will tell you, your personal site tends to take a backseat to client projects. Between client work, writing, blogging, side projects and personal time, it’s been a real challenge.

I’ve redesigned and even coded several others designs, however I’ve never been completely satisfied with the end result. I decided to set myself a deadline of one month to launch the new design and treat it like a client project to ensure this was met.I felt my previous site was stale and dated, and just not getting the traffic it should. Overall it really missed that spark of fun which came with being ‘neglected’ for so long. The current site aims to address those issues, with:

  • A Fun, quirky bio with a more relaxed tone throughout the copy
  • Improved Portfolio navigation
  • A blog to allow me to update on studio news, issues tips and advice
  • Clearer homepage with more focus on the services
  • Radically redesigned Portfolio
  • Social stream with the latest updates from all my networks
  • Dynamic elements such as the animated icons and sliders

  • The homepage is often the first impression customers have of your site, so it’s important to communicate your brand’s message loud and clear. Once upon a time, businesses websites for mobile and desktop devices. Increasingly, we’re seeing a shift to responsive ecommerce sites, where one codebase is used, and the content layers out a bit differently to accommodate a variety of viewports. There are multiple benefits to this approach, including improved search ranking, seamless content updates across devices, and a consistent user experience.

    "Your personal site tends to take a backseat to client projects"
    by Alex Barratt

    The next few weeks will be spent on making the site completely responsive and working out a few last minute bugs. I’ll also be working on improving the speed of the site by altering my IPS settings. I’m also planning on an updated set of Business Cards which reflect the new design and branding. As soon as these are designed and delivered I will post up some pictures, here on the blog.

    • Parallax – For the icon movement, seen on the Approach and Services page
    • Leaflet – Used for the map on the contact page
    • API’s – Used to pull in data to the Socialise page
    • jQuery – Used to create the grayscale image hover effect on the slider images

    I’d love it if you could go over and check out the new site. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter & keep up to date with all the news from the new blog and follow on Twitter

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    Comments (4)

    Karen T
    on January 14,2017, at 10:21

    Congrats on getting a new site up for your business! It’s completely true that it’s so hard to find the time to work on your own website 😛 Love reading about some of your process too. Lovely 😀

    Dave Arran
    on January 14,2017, at 11:10

    I like your approach of just getting it out there, you chose a lovely minimal pallet!.

    Zac J
    on January 14,2017, at 11:41

    The new site looks amazing, nice work! I am really drawn to the sliders. I Love it!

    on January 14,2017, at 17:34

    Very Lovely and a Creative Design. Simple, but Sophisticated. Fine work :)

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